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Roompact is a residential life and educational technology company. We approach our work with passion, dedication, and a sense of fun.

We are more than service providers.
We are boundary-pushers.
We are constantly learning.
We are successful when our colleagues are happy, healthy, and efficient.

We are Roompact.
And this is our Pact.

Does your department use a...

programming model?

curricular approach?

community development model?

Roompact can supercharge your process!


We also want to help staff and partners be more productive by making the management of processes and procedures more efficient. This includes support for:

Duty and Shift Scheduling

Weekly and Custom Reports

Emergency Staff and Student Alerts

Room Condition Reports

  • Our Expertise

    We’re more than a features list.

    We believe in designing our software with intentionality, based on the latest research and trends in the industry. We also contribute back to this knowledge through our blog, publications, presentations, and partnerships with professional associations.

  • Our Values

    We believe in acting in a socially responsible way.

    We see ourselves as partners in the educational process. As such, we are committed to values of social responsibility, inclusion, and sustainability. We also conduct our business in an ethical, simple, and straightforward manner.

Stacy Oliver-Sikorski

Associate Director

"As far as I can tell, there is no limit to what Roompact is willing to do for client schools. As if I needed more reasons to love them."

Benjamin Lease

Graduate Hall Director

"Roompact is magic! I always feel like you are a part of our ResLife team here because of how much help/insight you give us!"

Paula Bisognin


"This is such a clean, organized website to get in touch with basic needs/wants from your roommate! love it :)"

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