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1. Roommate conflict has been shown to be one of the top 5 reasons why students drop out of college.1
2. 47.1% of students report having issues with their roommate. Only 4.9% of students who use Roompact report roommate issues.2
3. Students in HigherEd respond to surveys at a 27.9% response rate. Roompact students value our surveys and respond more than 60% of the time.3
1) Pleskac, T.J., et al., 2011 | 2) Liu, Sharkness, & Pryor, 2008 | 3) Jans & Roman, 2005

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The Roompact Process

Using The Roompact Process, your students are guaranteed to be happier. We help with roommate agreements, student microsurveys, mediation, and just about anything related to student satisfaction and roommate conflict. Contact us for more details.

Data Analysis

Roompact helps you "Predict, Prevent, and Reduce Roommate Conflict" by combining personal interaction with data analysis. We help your staff detect conflict earlier than ever, we help them maintain records of that conflict, and we help them analyze data to avoid conflict in the future.

Save Staff Time

Our centralized, cutting edge platform improves staff efficiency and accountability overnight. With Roompact you get the power of our whole team at your service. Our goal is to make life easier for you. Call or email and we'll get you the help and answers you need to do your job properly. During normal business hours, we respond to all support inquiries within 60 short minutes.

Unprecedented Value

Roompact's platform includes add-ons for Duty Reporting and Room Condition Reporting at no extra charge. We take user feedback very seriously and act quickly upon it. We constantly and automatically make updates to optimize your experience. Our software is the cleanest and most intuitive ResLife software you'll ever use.

Stacy Oliver-Sikorski

Associate Director

"As far as I can tell, there is no limit to what Roompact is willing to do for client schools. As if I needed more reasons to love them."

Benjamin Lease

Graduate Hall Director

"Roompact is magic! I always feel like you are a part of our ResLife team here because of how much help/insight you give us!"

Paula Bisognin


"This is such a clean, organized website to get in touch with basic needs/wants from your roommate! love it :)"

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