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Clients agree that Roompact helps their team provide a more personalized level of service to residents.
Mary Tanya Massey Assistant Director Oklahoma State University
"Roompact has allowed us to see our students in a different light. Instead of emails passed from person to person, we can review a student file and see multiple interaction points at varying times of the semester. This allows us to better serve our students and create efficiencies in our communication."
Mary Erin Simpson Assistant Director for Residence Life University of Oklahoma
"Roompact has absolutely enhanced the way our upper administration is able to take in, understand, and leverage the relationships our staff creates with residents. The information we are easily able to provide about every individual student has been transformative."
Mary DaVaughn Vincent-Bryan Assistant Director of Engagement and Leadership University of Pittsburgh
"Beyond maintaining a true pulse on the advancements being made in the field of student development, the Roompact team is highly responsive, willing to listen, guide and support. They understand the demands of our students and offer services that meets these needs and are second to none."
Seth Kaneen Assistant Director of Residence Life Colorado State University
"Roompact has truly shifted the way in which we communicate and work to solve issues with the residents in our community. Our RA's have begun to use this as a main point of contact with their residents to ensure that their needs are being met and agreements, like the roommate agreement, are the foundation for cohesive living environments for all residents in our communities. Additionally, the support from the Roompact team has been like having a support team in my back pocket when issues or questions arise. I truly believe that Roompact, as a professional staff member, has made my work easier and added a level of efficiency I didn't know was possible. I know that our paraprofessional staff would say the same!"
Mary Jenni Chadick Assistant Director of Residence Life University of Puget Sound
"What I love most about Roompact is their amazing customer service. When we had a campus wide network outage, shutting down our servers, email, everything; Roompact support guided us via Twitter on how to send a campus message through Roompact out to all our residents. We were in our first year using Roompact, and that level of quick and expert level service really helped prove this was a great investment for our campus."
Michael Michael Schultz Director of University Housing Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
"Roompact is a cost effective way to know and support your residents. In our first year it was very easy to bring Roompact up and put into operation with the fast and attentive Roompact staff. As a father of a current student and Administrator, I have seen how the power of the roommate agreement prevents and resolves conflict. With personal connections, when a parent calls to discuss their student with me, I have a very good understanding of what the student is going through and if there are issues that they are dealing with prior to talking to the parent. It makes the initial conversation so much more rich and personable. I also know that we have a better accounting of our room conditions with the process that we have put in place with Roompact. I look forward to implementing more of Roompact on the SIUE campus to enrich the lives of our residents."
Mary Mary Janz Executive Director of Housing
& Residence Life
Marquette University
"Roompact is the future of residential education. The staff is highly committed to customizing their product to meet Marquette University’s needs. Roompact is highly responsive and serves their customers with the highest of quality. They have created a platform that allows us to improve the way we do our work and positively impact the residential experience of our students."
Mary Quan Phan Curriculum Coordinator University of Oklahoma
"My experience with Roompact has been absolutely amazing. Their customer services as well as their commitment to students' development in the residence halls are undeniable, and it has helped our residential curriculum become more engaging and student-facing."
Johnna Johnna Matjula Associate Director for Assignments
& Academic Initiatives
Ohio University
"I really appreciate this company, their authenticity, and their willingness to work with clients. My favorite aspect of Roompact is how quickly they respond to any support ticket placed and that if I needed to talk through a question or concern, somebody would be help me as soon as possible. I also appreciate the initiatives taken to make the software look and feel like something the current college student would like to utilize.

Moreover, I greatly appreciate that if a feature in their software does not exactly line up with our department's processes, the Roompact team will help us by either resolving the situation on their end or working through a work around with us on our end. They are a great team and I truly appreciate working with the company."
Stacy Stacy Oliver-Sikorski Director of Residence Life for Student Success Lake Forest College
"Roompact has revolutionized our ability to support students in their residential experience. From data points regarding their interactions with staff to having insight into the dynamic of their roommate relationship, we have a holistic snapshot of any student's experience at a given moment in time. This allows us to plan more direct, successful interventions where needed, make appropriate referrals, and continue to provide support."