Residential Curriculum E-Books

Roompact Residential Curriculum E-Book
Roompact Residential Curriculum E-Book
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The “Change Agent" eBook was designed to provide a broad overview of how to implement a residential curriculum and the important elements and principles of the approach. It can be used during staff training programs, as a professional development session reader, or with campus partners and stakeholders to help them understand this “new” approach to residential education.

The “Residential Curriculum Self-Assessment Instrument” provides departments and institutions who have already implemented (or are in the process of implementing) a residential curriculum a set of standards against which one can assess progress. It can be used in teams or as a part of an ongoing curricular review or external review process.

At Roompact, we’ve not only designed our software to complement and enhance curricular approaches, but we also offer an array of campus workshops and consultative services to help schools in the transition. You don’t need to be a customer of our software, either. If you’re interested in a two day or one day curriculum workshop on your campus, please drop us a line! Enjoy these eBooks and follow our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts for more content.