Roompact Features

Student Learning

We've designed our software to account for the various approaches to promoting educational efforts in the residence halls. This includes support for:

Digital Residential Education

Designed for planning, management, and assessment and compatible with a range of approaches to student learning including programming, community development, and curricular models.

Learning Outcome and Community Tagging

Easily assign keywords to data inputted in the system—helpful when running assessment reports and comparing data.

Events and Learning Opportunities

Efficiently plan, propose and assess events and other learning opportunities. Events and learning opportunities can also be assigned to staff from a preset curriculum. Assessment and related data is stored and can be sorted and downloaded.

Intentional Conversation Logging

Log, track, and tag conversations with residents from any device. Data can be viewed in multiple formats and combined with other data points in the system.

Roommate Agreement Helper

Guide roommates through a staged and personalized roommate agreement. Staff can customize questions and response types by location, and view real time completion rates and other data.


Send short surveys via SMS text or email according to student preference. Responses can change room data within the software and includes a range of response types.


We also want to help staff and partners be more productive by making the management of processes and procedures more efficient. This includes support for:

Sustainability and Efficiency

Reduces reliance on paper-based processes and makes real time information available on demand with the flexibility of electronic formats.

Duty Reports

Modify nightly tasks and allow staff to enter duty, maintenance, and incident report information. View reports and associated data in the system and by email notification.

Weekly and Custom Reports

Design forms and collect data in the format you choose. Great for tracking intentional conversations, weekly reports, and other important information.

Duty and Shift Scheduling

Create easy-to-use schedules for duty, desk, and other shifts. Staff can trade shifts with other staff members and reminders and notifications are sent via email.

Room Condition Reports

Take photos, note conditions, and run damage reports. Students can review and contest their own reports online.


Instantly create social media-like posts within the Roompact Hub. Post, comment, and respond all within a secure environment. Receive real-time alerts when reports are filed or information is changed.

Text Messaging

Send and receive SMS text messages to and from residents and staff.

Staff Alerts

Directly message and alert staff who are responsible for a specific student or floor.


Our software engineering team employs cutting edge features and technology and makes them accessible through intuitive and easy to use interfaces. These technologies include:

Housing Software Integration

Integrates with all of the major housing assignments and management software solutions ensuring occupancy data consistency.

Administrative Access Levels

Determine which staff can see what information and what features they have access to. Ensure privacy of student records.

Visual Navigation

View buildings and floors in a community map, creating a virtual sociogram that is color coded according to what is occurring in a room. Get at-a-glance access to who has completed their roommate agreements, individual room statuses, and more.

Real Time, Email, SMS Notifications

Personalize notifications according to a user’s preferences when reports and updates are submitted.

Campus Branded Portal

Select your school colors and logo to promote your brand.


Access Roompact software anywhere you have an internet connection.

Mobile Friendly

View and use the software across a range of devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones...)